Friday, January 6, 2012

PharmD - Online Pharmacy Degree Educational Programs

If you are a pharmacist who has a bachelors in pharmacy degree and you want to advance your education and profession, an online PharmD program can help you accomplish your goal. Online programs are excellent choices for practicing pharmacists who need to complete the PharmD degree in order to stay competitive in your profession. You will be able to complete course work around your work obligations.
If you are not currently a pharmacist but are interested in becoming a pharmacist then an online PharmD program can help you accomplish the last 4 years of education you need to earn this degree. You will need to have two years of college classes in a pre-pharmacy track, before being accepted into a PharmD program.
An accredited (American Council on Pharmaceutical Education) online pharmacy program will provide you with the courses you need to complete the degree, to complete your internship and be ready to take the board exam (NAPLEX). Then you can obtain your license and start practicing.
The average annual salary for a PharmD prepared pharmacist is more than $78,000. the need for pharmacist is expected to be larger than the supply, so job opportunities are expected to be good. Pharmacists can work in hospitals, pharmacies or drug stores, pharmaceutical companies, the home health industry or for the government.
Course work for your degree can be completed online at your convenience, and internships can be arranged locally for you. You will have access to professor, classmates, library resources, and technology support. Take the time to visit an online college degree website and request information about the specific program you are interested in.


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  2. Pharmacists working in independent pharmacies may become owners or part-owners after gaining experience and raising the necessary capital.
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