Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get a Free College Degree - Starting Applying Today

Without a doubt the most amazing part of President Obama's stimulus package is the 12 billion dollars in financial aid that will be contributed toward college education of students wanting to earn their two year degrees. What is funny is that we are in the midst of one of the largest recessions of all time and yet there are federal handouts being provided for people all across our nation.
People are being paid to fix roads and bridges, yet some of us have lost jobs that we have had all of our lives. Here are a few ways that you can tap into free financial aid that can be used toward your college degree and tap into a new career that is more stable in our current economy.
If you are a single student that is just starting out, this may be one of the luckiest days of your life. Most people have trouble keeping their employment because they are not qualified enough or company that they work for the longer has the money for their position. To be at the mercy of corporations that can catch her paycheck completely out of your life with the snap of a finger, it is time to get on a better and firmer ground that can allow you to move it to you are abruptly severed from your job.
Most of us do not have time to go after another job or to pursue another direction of employment. Finding something else takes time, and other jobs take different types of training which may take several months or several years. The training that you receive may cost you thousands of dollars, which is money you do not have because you are trying to raise your family and pay your bills.
The problem that most people have is coming up with enough cash in enough time to be able to make a move for the better. Preparation is everything but having a little extra funding coming your way can really make the difference. This is where the Obama administrations stimulus package has helped millions of people, even those that are looking for a job courtesy of earning a college degree.
There has been a lot of hype over the amount of money that has been allocated for education. What is wonderful for single mothers is that they are able to tap into this funding much more easily than most. This administration is geared to get single moms into higher positions and higher salaries so that they can make significant differences in the lives of their family through monetary gain.
Part of the step by step process begins with deciding on the degree that you want to achieve and then moving toward filling out the paperwork that you need to in order to apply for grants that are related to your primary subject material. For instance, you would not apply for a grant that is related to a culinary degree if you want to become a French teacher. This would be rejected and the loss of time that you would experience could never be regained.
There are some services that will actually fill out the grant papers for you at the tune of several hundred dollars per form. Depending upon how much money each grant is depends upon whether or not it is worthwhile for you to pay these people for their services. A good middle ground would be to fill out as many as you can and allow them to complete the rest.
The other thing to consider is how much each degree will cost. Depending upon what school you go to, the cost per unit, the tuition cost, the cost of books, and the cost of living need to be taken into consideration. Most of the time, unless you are running on a full athletic scholarship, you are going to have to pay some of the cost of going to college. Because of this, it would be a good idea to make a top three list of degrees you would like to achieve. Then, based upon which ones you want the most and the cost, make a logical and conscientious decision to choose the right one for you.
One last thing to consider is whether or not you want to go to a physical college where you have to attend classes by going to the actual facility, or choosing a college that is online and allows you to take classes at your leisure. If you are a single mom with a very busy schedule, a better choice would be to choose an online college that offers distance learning courses that can be taken in the evening. By doing so, you will allow yourself adequate time to get things done after the kids are asleep and it will give you quiet time by which to finish her homework or take necessary tests or quizzes that need to be taken for each class.
Overall, choosing another career direction is always going to be stressful and somewhat difficult. If you are not part of the casualties of our disastrous economic condition, and would like to plan ahead, the best choice that you can make is to find the time to go after a college degree and have it paid for courtesy of the Obama stimulus package. Also, if you are a mother with children, you are going to find that qualifying will be very easy and that finding someone to do your paperwork will not be necessary because all of the funding you will ever need for your two year degree will be provided by this federal stimulus aid.

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