Monday, January 23, 2012

Cassia Beauty College Information

Cassia Beauty College is located in the sprawling city of New Orleans at 6960 Martin Dr Ste 120, New Orleans, Louisiana. The institution is famous for its programs in beauty and cosmetology.
Students: Each batch has only limited students, which ensures personal attention and perfect hands on training. The college also has a popular job placement service for successful candidates.
Enrollment: It has a total student population of 18 undergraduate students
* Undergraduate Degrees Offered:
* Less-than-1-year certificate program in Personal and Culinary Services, which imparts training in massage and treatments of face, scalp and neck using chemical and make- up preparations. This course helps students in securing jobs as licensed facial specialists in expert and full service salons.
* Less-than-2-year certificate in personal and Culinary Services, which makes the students experts in cutting and styling hair, facial and body hair, pedicures, manicures, head massage etc.
* Less than 1 year Degrees offered by this school
o Nail Technician + Specialist and Manicurist: This less-than-1-year certificate program trains students in shaping the finger and toe nails, removing dead skin an blemishes and applying nail polish. They can function as licensed manicurists or nail technicians/specialists.
o Facial Treatment Specialist + Facialist: It imparts training to students on massage and treatments of face, neck, and scalp with chemical and cosmetic preparations. Successful students can function as licensed facial specialists in specialized and full service salons.
o Cosmetology, Barber + Styling, and Nail Instructor: It is a program that molds cosmetologists, nail technicians, barbers and other grooming specialists. They can function as instructors in their specialized subject in licensed and accredited schools of cosmetology.
o Cosmetology and Related Personal Grooming Arts, Other: It comprises of instructional programs in cosmetology and personal grooming services that are not included in the general category of this subject.
* Certificates/Less-than-2-year certificate
o Cosmetology + Cosmetologist, General: It is a study program that trains students to cut and style scalp, facial, and body hair; apply cosmetic preparations; manicures and pedicures; massage etc
It offers distance education program also.
* Tuition: The average tuition for undergraduates is approximately $6,899 and it is exclusive of books, fees and supplies. The fees might vary; however the average costs of books is around $800 Room & Board $9,600.
* Admissions: It has an open admission policy for undergraduates. An application fee of 10$ is required.
* Special features: Cassia Beauty College is a private for profit school and it extends Pell Grants and other federal aid to entitled students as it enjoys a Program Participation Agreement with the US Department of Education. It has a library facility and on campus day care. Career placement for successful candidates. Student Services It is a 6 day college that offers Career Placement for successful students on completion of the program, On-Campus Day Care and Library Facility. The mission of Cassia Beauty College is to prepare the students into successful career in Cosmetology, and to lead them to the mainstream of American society as successful citizens.


  1. Pretty reasonable price for tuition. I wonder if they have online cosmetology ce though. I mean not a lot of people can really go to their place easily, if they had online options, that would be awesome.

  2. Glad to come across this post on beauty colleges . Very informative.