Friday, January 6, 2012

An Associates Degree In Counseling Can Pave The Way For A Career Or Further Education

Associate's Degree in Counseling
There are so many different options for earning your degree available to you. Some people may dive right into their bachelor's degree, while other may want to start out by earning their associate's degree. Aspiring counselors can start down the path towards their career by earning an associate's degree, and eventually even earn their master's degree!
Why Earn An Associate's Degree?
Most people end up earning their master's degree in order to become a certified counselor, so why start by earning your associate's degree? There are plenty of reasons. Credits for your associate's degree are less expensive than those for a bachelor's degree for one.
After you've completed your two years of education, you can transfer your credits into a four year school and be halfway done with your bachelor's degree. It's a nice first step for someone who has a busy lifestyle, doesn't want to commit fully to a four year degree, or who wants to take a less expensive route.
Degree Information
Throughout the two years you will be dedicating towards your associate's degree, you will cover various topics relevant to the field of psychology and counseling. Gaining historical awareness about the origins of theories and practices will be incorporated into the curriculum, as well as contemporary insights into human behavior. You will learn how to apply information to real world situations and gain a solid foundation from which to move forward with your education when you are ready.
The requirements for an associate's degree program typically include showing proof of having completed high school or your GED. If you've already earned college credit, you may be asked to show your transcripts. If you contact the colleges you are interested in attending, you can find out more specific information, as each program is unique.
Online Degrees
Earning your associate's degree in counseling online is a wonderful way for someone who has a hectic schedule to complete their degree. Being able to participate in your coursework on your own time will be a convenient way to accommodate an unpredictable schedule. It also makes college accessible to people who don't live near a campus or particular program they are interested in. You may be able to complete your degree completely or partially online, depending on your preferences.
Career Information
Over the next several years we are expected to see an approximately 20% increase in the number of positions available to counselors, making it a great time to earn your degree in this field. People in this career often earn about forty thousand dollars a year. You can find employment in a variety of places, including mental health centers, educational settings, and so on. It will be wise for people pursuing a career in this field to work towards their master's degree, as this is often the standard for certification.

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