Friday, September 21, 2012

    Facebook and Twitter —— Let you see business opportunities in them

In the age of 21st century, If an individual tell you that he or she never heard the social network websites like facebook and twitter, maybe you will be very surprise and have a doubt that maybe he or she is living on the Mars. Now, Internet has become a very common existence in our daily life, people use the internet to search materials which help them for study and work. In addition, the occurrence of social network website like facebook and twitter make people tend to do some socializing online. Therefore, social network website like facebook and twitter do enlarge people’s communication circle and help people to maintain their old friendships. If there were no such network website, many old friends would never get in touch with each other after they were apart. I will take myself as an example; I have been graduated from junior high for many years. But I still get in touch with some of my former classmates now and then. However, I get in touch with them in different way. For a few intimate friends, I always give them phone calls and short messages, In the holidays, we tend to go out and to meet each other in the coffee bar or KTV houses to have some fun. Whist for some people who could just called acquaintances; we usually connect each other online. We will pay attention to each other’s activities and words and sometimes I will express my own feelings about what they say and they will let me know what they think about my words as well. In this way, there is some kind of connection between us. If sometimes we need some help and except our intimate friends, our acquaintances like this could also provide some help to us in their own way.

  In addition to maintain the old friendships, the existence of social network website could also help people build up new friendships which could enlarge your communication circles. Mostly importantly, in my opinion, social network website like facebook and twitter could help you develop your own career. Using the method like buy facebook fans and buy twitter followers, you could give yourself a chance to make your career better.

  In the year 2011, I decided to establish my own career. In order to lower the risks, I started at a very tiny scale. I order several ladies’ dress and sell them on a website Amazon. Even if I designed some interesting activities, the effect of these activities for the improvement of the sell volume is not that obvious. One of my friends told me that buy followers on twitter could be a effective way to increase people who come to my online shop and make my shop more active. I adopted her suggestion and decided to buy targeted twitter followers, which means the followers must have related background on sales.

  After buying the real facebook and twitter fans, I designed some more activities and my online shop developed very fast.