Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jobs Without College Education - Top 5 Online Jobs

You're not worth anything to employers these days if you don't have a college degree. This is unfortunate for those who can't afford to get education, and need jobs that don't just pay a measly 9$/hour. This is why the internet is so invaluable with earning money, because it's an even playing field. You can do your own thing on the internet and no one will know whether you have a Doctorate or a 8th grade education, because the anonymity the internet holds.
There are various ways to make money online without a college degree, the following has been ranked the top 5 choices based on rate of pay, work schedule, and consistency:
5. Reselling with eBay
It's a simple concept and can be very profitable. You simply buy products in bulk and resell them individually through eBays market place.
4. Stuffing Envelopes
This will only produce about 40$/week in income, but you only work 1-2 hours (so it's about 20$/hour.) You're simply mailed boxes full of fliers and business cards that you put in envelopes. Stamps are provided and shipping is paid.
3. Advertise on your high traffic website
Create a website, spend a lot of time adding content to it. Once you have a descent amount of traffic, just simply add advertisements through Google AdWords.
2. Fill out surveys and offers
This is by far one of the best ways to add an additional source of income. You can add about a thousand per month filling out surveys and offers through some of the popular GPT services around.
#1.Top Pick: Ezine Publishing
This is by far the best work at home job for someone without a college education. The pay is very very high and there is no set work schedule or deadlines, virtually no boss, it's a dream job. Basically you write articles(they can be about virtually anything, preferably things you know a lot about such as hobbies and interests). In every article you submit a couple sentences selling something related to what you were talking about. If you were discussing fishing, you could add a link to a fishing pole that you use at the bottom. When a purchase is made through that link, you will receive a sizable commission.
Ezine publishing is a great job, especially for those without a college education, because it will remain on the internet making money for you day in and day out for years. Even while your sleeping, you're constantly getting paid. It's the best way that I have found to make money online without a college education.

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